CosDoll TPE Life-size Doll Doll Married Woman Moe Dutch Wife Love Doll 158cm Big Breast Real Doll No.2030

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Silicon doll specifications
  • Material: Safe medical solid TPE material
  • Height: 158Scm big chest / 158cm small chest / big chest / medium chest (including head)
  • Weight: 30/24/26 / 25kgs
  • Bust: 82/74/80 / 77cm
  • Waist: 44/49/49 / 49cm
  • Hips: 80/81/76 / 76cm
  • Shoulder width: 33/34/32/32 cm
  • Leg length: 85/81/81/81cm
  • Hall: 3 (mouth, vagina, anus)
  • Vaginal depth: 17 cm
  • Anal depth: 17 cm
  • Mouth depth: 12 cm
  • Vagina: Integrated / Removable
  • Packing size: 145 x 35 x 28 cm

      Love doll bust option list

      Love doll moving parts
      • [Head] The head can be moved within 45 ° from the front and back. The head can be moved left and right within a range of 45 °.
      • [Arm] The upper arm rises upward by about 60 °. The upper arm can be bent back about 20 °. It rises horizontally to the chest position on both sides, about 60 °. The forearm bends 90 ° up in all directions.
      • [Waist] The waist part bends forward and backward. You can stand upright or sit down.
      • [Legs] Thighs extend up to 170 °. It goes up to 100 ° on one side. The knee bends 90 °.

        Love doll product description

        [Safety certification] Reliable quality, CE, RoHS certified product
        [Standard function] Oral function / movable line of sight / Knuckle
        [Quality Assurance] You can check the product with a photo before shipping.
        [Strict packaging] Strict packaging with consideration for privacy gives you peace of mind!

        [ Customize ] You can freely customize eye color and skin color options.
        [Accessories] Wigs, underwear, blankets, combs, gloves, hall heaters, dedicated genital washer, Japanese instruction manual.

        [Delivery / Delivery]
        FedEx / Sagawa Express is available.
        ■ Usually ships within 3-5 days and takes 7-9 days to arrive in Japan.
        ■ Although it is possible to ship by office, please specify the name of the office you receive when ordering.
        ■ Sorry, we do not accept cash on delivery or delivery by date and time
        [Notes on transactions]
        ■ This product is an adult and is strictly prohibited from being purchased or viewed under the age of 18.
        ■ Please note that the basic dimensions of the doll may differ slightly depending on the measurement method.
        ■ The attached image was taken by a professional cameraman and may differ slightly from the actual photo, so please refrain from purchasing if you are nervous or if you are looking for perfection.

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